Happily married

Time flies – and it does not fly a Boeing, it flies a Concorde. I was photographing this couple before their wedding, and now they are already married and constantly travelling to exotic places.  Once again, best wishes to M. & R.!

Ian Rankin and Nigel Planer discuss Robert Louis Stevenson

The Robert Louis Stevenson Evening with Ian Rankin and Nigel Planer took place last Thursday at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh. It was an absolutely fascinating lecture, with Ian and Nigel discussing the life and works of Robert Louis Stevenson, reading their chosen excerpts and answering questions from the public. This event constituted part of Scotland’s History Festival.

A very happy family photoshoot

It was a pleasure to photograph the beautiful family of Ola and Grzegorz last Sunday. They smile a lot and look genuinely happy together. The younger girl slept peacefully most of the time but the older one, who for obvious reasons grew a bit impatient, had to be bribed with ice-cream – this brought a huge smile back onto her face!

Free Fringe – don’t miss ‘Fabulous Abs’ or Adam Crow

There is still a week to catch these two stand-up comedy shows at Edinburgh Fringe which will leave a big grin on your face:Fabulous Abs by New York’s Abigoliah Schamaun andAshton Kutcher’s Dead Girlfriends by Adam Ethan Crow.

Abigoliah let me photograph her in front of the listings board and also during the show.

To be expected from both shows: strong language, political incorrectness, inconspicuously clever ideas sneaked in with the humour.

They are free but the warm contentedness you will feel at the end will make you want to be generous.