I live in the centre of Kuwait City. Everywhere seems to be near here (depending on the traffic of course!). That’s why I like going out to see my clients, and to ‘catch’ them in their natural environment.

Photographing people is my passion. I see each person as unique and this makes my job interesting – and the outcome of every session distinctive. What I attempt to achieve with my photography is to produce a contemporary lifestyle portrait of you and your family that shows a bit of your very own personalities.

For corporate and community events, I use a reportage style that is non-intrusive to the flow of the events, although taking some group photos is also recommended.

I started as a self-taught enthusiast and then took several photography courses in Edinburgh and Glasgow along with master classes with renowned photographers like John Clements and Tim Wallace. I take my job seriously, yet I like to keep it fun.

You will probably know that most photographers use either Nikon or Canon (just as most fizzy juice drinkers prefer either Coca Cola or Pepsi). Well, I go with Nikon gear as I simply like the sound of the cameras’ shutter. Apart from that, I trust the brand as it produces outstanding optics not only for cameras but also for microscopes and telescopes.
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